In my previous articles , I have mentioned in detail the fundamentals of data governance (1) and the data governance approach (2). In this article, I will try to give detailed information about Informatica Axon, which is Informatica Intelligent Data Platform ‘s solution for Data Governance.

Informatica Axon aims to expand the competencies provided by technology throughout the organization and to help the business units master the data governance processes and thus contribute to the expansion of the application area of data governance throughout the enterprise by being positioned as a layer on top of the technology components used in data governance projects. It supports the ensuring high level of cooperation between IT and the Business Unit in data governance projects thanks to the management of data ownership and the understanding of data from a business unit perspective.


Data Governance Modules (Facet)

Informatica Axon, with the help of customized facets (modules) on data governance, allows you to ensure business glossaries, policies, processes organizational relation data quality, business impact analysis and cooperation between IT and Business Unit and to obtain a holistic view on these.

Axon Facets

Unison Search

While the different views and data are understood in the simplest way, the relationship between each view is also monitored dynamically. By this way, data glossary and data quality rule, data quality rule and data policy, data policy and systems can be connected, and these connections can be monitored dynamically.

Unison Search


Business units can prepare personalized reports over the data assets they have questioned or defined on facets and share these reports with different units. In addition, detailed reports are received on ready-made templates for each facet.

Axon Dashboard

Business Glossaries

In glossary which is a facet in which business glossaries are managed following works can be performed;

  • Creating hierarchical structure (Domain> Entity> Term),
  • Association between business glossaries and facets,
  • Role-based management (Stakeholder),
  • Reporting and monitoring of data quality rules applied to business glossaries,
  • History, and
  • Change management.

Business Glossary


The Policy facet provides defining of standards such as organizational principles, regulatory requirements, masking or discovery rules and management of policies such as the purpose of data processing. Thanks to its integration with Informatica Secure@Source technology, risk scoring of sensitive data of systems in which data discovery is performed is monitored.

Policy Facet

Risk Score


Within Informatica Axon, each process and each sub-step of the process is documented, and a holistic view is provided by associating the system, business glossaries, policies, data quality rules and roles. By this way, it is monitored what business processes are in which system.

Process Facet

Data Quality

Informatica Axon enables data quality rules to be applied to data fields thanks to the definition, documentation and integration of data quality rules with Informatica data quality technology. By this way, it contributes to the viewing, measuring and reporting of business units on the basis of business processes, projects, regulations etc.

Data Quality Dashboards

Business Impact Analysis

Thanks to the different competencies and visualization of data assets provided by Informatica Axon;

  • It can be seen how the flow of data assets in the organization, how they relate to each other, and the genealogy scheme can be drawn on the basis of systems,
  • By understanding the scope and connections of the data, data quality problems can be displayed on the dashboard,

Two-way monitoring of processes and their appearance on dependencies, related components and stakeholders can be achieved.


Business Lineage

With the Business Lineage feature, critical stakeholders can be viewed in relation to their data set and processes. The system genealogy map provides a view of critical stakeholders at each stage of the process.


Organization Management

Informatica Axon provides a rich view of the organizational structure and associates the organization with other views defined within Axon. It provides a view of all the information such as the roles of the persons, whether they are technical or business users, for which projects they are responsible, and for which systems or processes they are experts. In addition, stakeholders can be assigned to predefined managerial and operational ready roles in line with established acceptance criteria.


Change Management

Informatica Axon allows you to monitor and control changes with its change management functions. Requests for changes are made in integration with business units. Configurable work-flow feature facilitates evaluation and approval mechanisms. Thanks to version control feature, you are allowed to monitor history and difference values. Within personalized workflows, stakeholders receive warning messages about changes in related roles or other registered areas.

Change Request

To sum up; Informatica Axon, as a data governance solution; provides you an end-to-end solution for management of modules under the data governance roof of your organization and specific to data governance such as Business Terms, Policy, Process, Organizational Relationship, Data Quality, Business Impact Analysis, etc., and allow you to ensure cooperation between IT and business unit and to have a holistic view. Let’s end this article here and wish to meet you in the next series of articles.


Evrim AY