Nowadays, data is deemed as a basic information source of great importance for corporations. Considering both the business priorities that are being tried to be fulfilled and the current problems, there are always issues related to “data” and “data management” areas. And this brings with it a number of challenges. Because the data is now seems in many different channels and applications as: messy, multiple, poor quality, irrelevant.

As DAMALINK we create our solution named “Central Customer System” at this point.

What is “Central Customer System”

Collection of critical master data in different systems, databases and applications of the organization in a central ‘Hub’; and making these subject of as singularization, association, enrichment, etc. and serving these to different business, process, units, locations, applications and channels according to their accessing, sharing and security sensitivities and that provide service to the whole of technology and processes.

In this way, the data becomes;

  • Centralized
  • Singular
  • Clear
  • And relevant

And throughout the organization;
it is ensured, with;

  • Singular Customer View
  • Data Quality
  • Data Integration
  • And Data Governance infrastructure

What “Central Customer System” provides?

Effective campaign management, effective use of sales channels, increase sales revenue and potential customer turnover rates.

You can get the brochure with detailed information from the link below.

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