The Impact of Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM Assessment Requirements

  • Incomplete, inconsistent, duplicate data
  • Do not have reliable, 360-degree or complete view of a customer/supplier
  • Incomplete view undervalues high-value relationships
  • Not able to make relevant cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Lack of data foundation or governance to go digital
  • Too expensive to identify and attract new customers/markets
  • Match / Merge Analysis
  • Decide High Level Technical Architecture
  • Design Conceptual Data Model

Data Discovery Assessment Approach

Access Capabilities
  1. Ability to access source systems such as
  2. Relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL etc…)
  3. Mainframes (Db2 for z/OS)
  4. Big data platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, HDInsights)
  5. Flat Files
Analyze Capabilities
  1. Column Profiling for gathering statistics such as
  2. Value Frequency and Pattern
  3. Null and Distinct value ratios
  4. Max and Min values
  5. Definition of match/merge rules
  6. Displaying match score
  7. Ready to use reports to deep-dive insight
Design & Architect Capabilities
  1. Decide Different Deployment Model
  2. Design Conceptual Data Model
  3. Decide High Level Technical Architecture
  4. Inbound / Outbound
  5. Integration Method
  6. Data Flow

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