Data Integration Assessment

Data Integration Assessment Requirements

  • Is ETL infrastructure used efficiently inside organization?
  • Dev-Test-Prod Env, HA/DR…
  • Implementation Plan Document
  • What are ETL Best Practices?
  • Dev-Test-Prod Development, Performance, Deployment, Architecture, Standards, HA/DR…
  • Implementation Plan Document
  • Detect performance bottlenecks
  • Server, Database, Network, Development
  • Overcome performance issues
  • How to manage and recover failed ETL jobs?
  • How to detect unused objects and Developments?
  • Implementation Plan Document
  • Which user should have which privilege?
  • How to manage User Groups and Roles?
  • Implementation Plan Document
  • How to check ETL requirements in daily processes?
  • Role Matrix
  • Repository queries, Commandline capabilities

Data Integration Assessment Approach

  • Incomplete, inconsistent, duplicate data
  • Do not have reliable, 360-degree or complete view of a customer/supplier
  • Incomplete view undervalues high-value relationships
  • Not able to make relevant cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Lack of data foundation or governance to go digital
  • Too expensive to identify and attract new customers/markets
  • Match / Merge Analysis
  • Decide High Level Technical Architecture
  • Design Conceptual Data Model

Data Discovery Assessment Approach

  • Understand current ETL architecture and usage.
  • Interviews /Questionnares for ETL developers.
  • Identify key findings.
  • Compare current situation with best practices
  • Apply Health Checks
  • Define standards.
  • Calculating Assessment Score
  • Create an assessment report
    • Current situation
    • Findings
    • Recommendations etc…
  • Presentation

Assess Capabilities – Scoring

Investigation Capabilities
  1. Understand current ETL architecture
  2. What are the environments such as Dev, Test and Prod and their Resources?
  3. What are source and target systems?
  4. Technical Architecture?
  5. How is deployment working?
  6. User Management, Groups and Roles
  1. Interview/Questionnaire with Developers
  2. Challenges in ETL development
  3. Identify Developer behaviour
  4. Measure Server Performance
  5. Identify ETL Jobs with low performance
Assess Capabilities
  1. Defining ETL Standards for Naming, Development, Deployment
  2. Checklist for ETL Standards
  3. Assess and Strategies to Improve Performance
  4. ETL Jobs with low performance (Small Workshop to check results)
  5. Server Performance
  1. Comparing current situation with best practices
  2. Repository & Domain Management
  3. Performance
  4. Reusability
  5. Team Based Development and Versioning
  6. Security and User Management
  7. Assess Deployment problems
Report Capabilities
  1. Creating an Assessment Report
  2. Current Situation
  3. Data Integration Assessment Score
  4. Architecture Recommendations
  5. Performance Findings & Recommendations
  6. Standards Best Practices
  7. HA/DR Recommendations
  8. Deployment Recommendations
  1. Presentation for Assessment Results

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