Data Management Framework

Powercenter Monitoring Requirements

How to detect

  • Failed workflow/sessions?
  • Rejected records in session?
  • Sessions running less/longer than X/average?
  • Sessions loading rows less/more than X/average?
  • Zombie workflow/sessions?
  • Successfully completed sessions but zero records loaded?
  • Objects not matching naming conventions?
  • Invalid Objects?
  • Sessions with pushdown optimization active?
  • Mappings with SQL-Override?

What ıs PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator

  • Works on Informatica PowerCenter
  • Protect Data Integration environments with pre-defined and extendable rules and queries
  • Identify issues and problems about all types of objects automatically
  • Measure environment health with various categories
  • Alert mechanism for highly critical errors
  • Ready infrastructure to automate

PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator High Level Architecture

What It Is Key Benefits?

Reduce Risk of Data Integration

  • Detect DI issues before they become problems
  • Provides a proper DI environment in Operational and Governance
    • Folders
    • Workflows
    • Sessions
    • Mapping
    • Transformations

Enhance IT’s Productivity, Agility

  • Speeding up detection for Operational or Governance problems
  • Provides short response time
  • Alert different teams or members based on rules

Monitor DI Processes and SLA’s

  • Reduces cost of Monitoring
  • Classify as Low and High Level Problems by set Weight and Threshold values to the rules
  • Monitor patterns, trends and deviations

Rule Hierarchy

Operational Rules


  • Sessions with low throughput
  • Bottlenecks detection from workflow/session logs
  • Sessions where pushdown should be checked
  • Stats while Workflow was Running


  • Sessions with less or more data than average
  • Sessions with running longer or shorter than average
  • Completed but returned zero rows sessions
  • Rejected rows
  • Zombie Workflows

Governance Rules


  • Commit Size outside of Recommendation
  • Collect Performance Data Is Turned on In Production
  • Lookup Caching Not Enabled
  • Partitioning Not Enabled
  • Run on Grid is Unchecked


  • Truncate Target Table Checked
  • Rollback Transaction on Error is checked / unchecked
  • Tracing Level Too High
  • Log Name is not Derived from Session


  • Naming Conventions
  • Saving without Comments
  • Default Names for Transformations
  • Check for Hard Coded Paths
  • Abuse or Overuse of SQL Overrides
  • Connections not Parametric

PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator Approach

Define Capabilities
  1. Decide metrics to be checked
  2. Review default categories and rule types and add new ones if necessary
  3. Set weight, threshold, responsible person values for newly added rules
  4. Write Repository Queries for newly added rules
Measure Capabilities
  1. Implement & Execute Queries
  2. Built-in and extendable monitoring rules
  3. Drilldown to faulted objects
  4. Folder, Workflow, Session, Mapping, Transformation
  5. Tracking monitoring rules in multiple metrics
  6. Operational, Governance
Managing Capabilities
  1. Schedule Jobs
  2. Reporting results and alert mechanism
  3. Detailed error logs
  4. User privileges
  5. Easy implementation for new rules and categories

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