Secure/Test Data Layer

Data Management Framework


What is Secure/Test Data Layer?

It is a Data Security Framework for;

  • Pre-built Connectors such as Relation Databases, Applications and Big Data etc.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification
  • Relational Data Subset
  • Persistent Data Masking
  • Performance and Scability
  • Monitoring and Management (Schedule etc.)

High Level Architecture

What it is Key Benefits?

Secure / Test Data Layer Approach

Access Capabilities

Ability to access source systems such as;

  • Relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL etc)
  • Mainframes (DB2 FOR Z/OS)
  • Big Data Platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, HDInsights)
  • Flat Files

Discovery Capabilities

  • Discover your data according to data and metadata
  • Pre-defined and expandable data discovery rules for name, surname, identity number, credit card, phone number etc
  • Classify discovery results in a pre-defined policies such as
    • PCI (Payment Card Industry)
    • PHI (Protected Health Information)
    • PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

or Create your own policies

Analyze Capabilities

  • Column Profile to collect statistics about your data with Completeness, Frequency, Pattern, Uniqueness
  • Primary Key/Foreign Key profile to identify constraints which do not exist as physical
  • Relationship analysis for data sources
  • Ad-Hoc analyzes to meet business requirements

Design & Apply Capabilities

  • Decide how to Subset data and which columns will be masked
  • Develop Subset & Masking rules according to analyze and discovery results
  • Predefined masking techniques Random, Substitution, Shuffle, Key, Credit card, phone number, IP Address, Custom Advanced rules etc
  • Prepared masking rules for sensitive data such as name, surname, phone number, address, identity number, credit card etc
  • Automation for whole process

Manage Capabilities

  • Create & Schedule your data masking jobs
  • Monitoring Results and Mail Notifications
  • User privileges
  • Detailed error logs
  • Easy integration for new sources and databases