Data Management Framework



Not Recognizing the data

  • Data scattered in different source systems
  • Lack of ownership on data fields within the organization.
  • The lack of traceability of data integrated within the organization.


Data Validity & Consistency

  • Maintaining the format of live data.
  • Ensuring integrity.
  • Validity and Consistency.


Customer Satisfaction

  • Loss of Reputation
  • Loss of Customer
  • Loss of Income
  • Customer Distrust


Storage Cost

  • Managing large volume of data
  • Define relationship
  • Increased storage cost


Development Cost

  • Huge time cost
  • Managing different systems and Technologies.
  • Reuseability
  • Performance


Governance & Regulation

  • Enterprise Data Governance Structure
  • Compliance with Regulation (GDPR, KVKK)
  • Financial penalties

What is Secure/Test Data Layer?

It is a Data Security Framework for;

  • Pre-built Connectors such as Relation Databases, Applications and Big Data etc.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification
  • Relational Data Subset
  • Persistent Data Masking
  • Performance and Scability
  • Monitoring and Management (Schedule etc.)

High Level Architecture

What it is Key Benefits?

Secure / Test Data Layer Approach

Access Capabilities
  1. Ability to access source systems such as;
  2. Relational databases (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL etc)
  3. Mainframes (DB2 FOR Z/OS)
  4. Big Data Platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, HDInsights)
  5. Flat Files
Discovery Capabilities
  1. Discover your data according to data and metadata
  2. Pre-defined and expandable data discovery rules for name, surname, identity number, credit card, phone number etc
  3. Classify discovery results in a pre-defined policies such as
  4. PCI (Payment Card Industry)
  5. PHI (Protected Health Information)
  6. PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  7. or Create your own policies
Analyze Capabilities
  1. Column Profile to collect statistics about your data with Completeness, Frequency, Pattern, Uniqueness
  2. Primary Key/Foreign Key profile to identify constraints which do not exist as physical
  3. Relationship analysis for data sources
  4. Ad-Hoc analyzes to meet business requirements
Design & Apply Capabilities
  1. Decide how to Subset data and which columns will be masked
  2. Develop Subset & Masking rules according to analyze and discovery results
  3. Predefined masking techniques Random, Substitution, Shuffle, Key, Credit card, phone number, IP Address, Custom Advanced rules etc
  4. Prepared masking rules for sensitive data such as name, surname, phone number, address, identity number, credit card etc
  5. Automation for whole process
Manage Capabilities
  1. Create & Schedule your data masking jobs
  2. Monitoring Results and Mail Notifications
  3. User privileges
  4. Detailed error logs
  5. Easy integration for new sources and databases

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