Digital transformation has an important place at almost every institution’s main agenda items; and in this line throughout the organization;

  • New business models are being developed
  • New processes are being created
  • In line with these processes, new departments and new job descriptions come into our lives.
  • Investments are being made for new applications (Big Data, Cloud) and new technologies (AI, IoT etc.)
  • And architectural infrastructure is being changed.


While digital transformation brings a number of innovations to organizations, in fact this transformation presents us with a number of opportunities and challenges for the correct management of data possessed by organizations. Because, in fact, when we look carefully at the core of all these innovations there is data, and data is basis of the digital transformation .

If we try to explain this situation with a simple example; In the picture below, the main agenda items with the digital transformation of the institutions are:

Digital Transformation Topics

And if we consider the topic “Enterprise Data Governance”, we face many Data Management topic amongst all data management topic such as Data Definition Metadata Catalog, Data Quality, Data Lineage, Data Security, Data Integration, Information Lifecycle Management etc.

Data Management Topics

Challenges Encountered in Data Management

As I mentioned above, digital transformation offers benefits such as revising and renewing existing processes for each organization, investing in new applications and technologies in order not to fall behind other organizations and different sectors and to survive in competitive conditions. In addition to these benefits, it also introduces a number of challenges in managing the data that forms the basis of digital transformation.

Data Management Challenges

If we mention some of the challenges that organizations may experience in data management with digital transformation;

  • Data Identification Process
  • Data Ownership Uncertainty
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Coordination and Cooperation between IT & Business Units
  • Data Migration
  • Data Security
  • And Data Integration.


Informatica Data Management Platform

Informatica makes the end-to-end data management available by contributing to the digital transformation of corporations with its platform called Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) as well as the products and solutions it provides.

Informatica Intelligent Data Platform (IDP)

Generally speaking;

  • Connectivity: Access to files, databases and applications in many different data types and formats
  • Compute: Data processing on cloud, Big Data or a different database (ELT pushdown)
  • Monitor and Manage: Supervising and management of the work performed within all these processes
  • Metadata Management: It ensures an effective metadata management with its artificial intelligence (CLAIRE) algorithms.

And also;

  • Data Integration
  • Big Data Management
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Security

With its integrated and embedded products, it offers solutions in 5 different areas:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Security
  • Total Customer Relationships
  • Intelligent Data Integration
  • Application Consolidation and Migration


Informatica Data Management Products

  • Informatica Axon, which is a product provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Data Governance issues offers the following capabilities:
  • Informatica Data Quality, which is provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Data Quality offers the following capabilities:
  • Enterprise Information Catalog, which is a product provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Metadata Management issues offers the following capabilities:
  • Secure@Source and Data Masking, which are products provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Data Security offers the following capabilities:
  • Big Data Management and Intelligent Data Lake, which are products provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Big Data offers the following capabilities:

  • Master Data Management, which is a product provided by Informatica Intelligent Data Platform for Master Data Management offers the following capabilities:

Let’s end this article here and wish to meet you in the next series of articles. I hope it has been useful work for you. Hope to see you.


Evrim AY