PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator

Data Management Framework

Powercenter Monitoring Requirements

How to detect

  • Failed workflow/sessions?
  • Rejected records in session?
  • Sessions running less/longer than X/average?
  • Sessions loading rows less/more than X/average?
  • Zombie workflow/sessions?
  • Successfully completed sessions but zero records loaded?
  • Objects not matching naming conventions?
  • Invalid Objects?
  • Sessions with pushdown optimization active?
  • Mappings with SQL-Override?

What is PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator

  • Works on Informatica PowerCenter
  • Protect Data Integration environments with pre-defined and extendable rules and queries
  • Identify issues and problems about all types of objects automatically
  • Measure environment health with various categories
  • Alert mechanism for highly critical errors
  • Ready infrastructure to automate

PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator High Level Architecture

What it is Key Benefits?

Reduce Risk of Data Integration

  • Detect DI issues before they become problems
  • Provides a proper DI environment in Operational and Governance
    • Folders
    • Workflows
    • Sessions
    • Mapping
    • Transformations

Enhance IT’s Productivity, Agility

  • Speeding up detection for Operational or Governance problems
  • Provides short response time
  • Alert different teams or members based on rules

Monitor DI Processes and SLA’s

  • Reduces cost of Monitoring
  • Classify as Low and High Level Problems by set Weight and Threshold values to the rules
  • Monitor patterns, trends and deviations

Rule Hierarchy

Operational Rules


  • Sessions with low throughput
  • Bottlenecks detection from workflow/session logs
  • Sessions where pushdown should be checked
  • Stats while Workflow was Running




  • Sessions with less or more data than average
  • Sessions with running longer or shorter than average
  • Completed but returned zero rows sessions
  • Rejected rows
  • Zombie Workflows


Governance Rules


  • Commit Size outside of Recommendation
  • Collect Performance Data Is Turned on In Production
  • Lookup Caching Not Enabled
  • Partitioning Not Enabled
  • Run on Grid is Unchecked



  • Truncate Target Table Checked
  • Rollback Transaction on Error is checked / unchecked
  • Tracing Level Too High
  • Log Name is not Derived from Session



  • Naming Conventions
  • Saving without Comments
  • Default Names for Transformations
  • Check for Hard Coded Paths
  • Abuse or Overuse of SQL Overrides
  • Connections not Parametric

PowerCenter Monitoring Accelerator Approach

Define Capabilities

  • Decide metrics to be checked
  • Review default categories and rule types and add new ones if necessary
  • Set weight, threshold, responsible person values for newly added rules
  • Write Repository Queries for newly added rules

Measure Capabilities

  • Implement & Execute Queries
  • Built-in and extendable monitoring rules
  • Drilldown to faulted objects
    • Folder, Workflow, Session, Mapping, Transformation
  • Tracking monitoring rules in multiple metrics
    • Operational, Governance

Managing Capabilities

  • Schedule Jobs
  • Reporting results and alert mechanism
  • Detailed error logs
  • User privileges
  • Easy implementation for new rules and categories