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From the point of view of institutions, especially with the growing data entering our lives, the value and importance given to the data increases day by day.

DAMALINK aims to manage this data with an accurate and sustainable infrastructure and to serve this data to the analytical environment or applications in a timely, accurate, quality, singular and relevant manner in line with the business needs of business units.

In line with this vision, DAMALINK offers end-to-end solutions and consultancy services to companies on “Data Management”.






Company History

Foundation of the Company

The Company was established to meet needs in Data Management issues such as Master Data Management, Data Quality and Data Warehousing, and with these solutions it successfully brought projects in the leading company in the insurance sector.

Informatica Technical Sales Support

As well as successful projects, technical sales support for Informatica, the leader in data management, began to be provided.


20+ Team

Leading organizations in different sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Telecommunication and Retail were supported with our broad data management expertise.

Data Governance

Data Governance projects are being carried out with experience in data management projects such as different data warehousing, data quality and master data management.